On the day of Tropfest 25, we’re running special express trains from Central to Parramatta, departing from Platform 5. The specially branded trains will depart from the platform at 12.01 pm, 1.05pm and 2.10pm. You won’t miss the huge pineapples on these trains! However, if you're coming from North, South or West Sydney, we recommend planning your trip with Trip Planner ( We have also written a short blog to give you additional details that include: how to get to Tropfest once you are in Parramatta, and update of travel options available to you, and travel options to go home:

Tropfest at Parramatta Park is wheelchair accessible. Portable accessible port-a-loos will be provided for the Tropfest event in addition to the permanent on-site accessible amenities that are available. Tropfest will also provide dedicated accessible viewing areas with a clear line of view to the screens. These areas will accommodate people with disability, limited mobility and their respective family, friends and carers (seating will be provided). Tropfest will also provide accessible parking in close proximity to these viewing areas as well as a golf cart pick up and drop off service for guests with limited mobility. The entire parks entrances and exits are wheelchair accessible and an accessibility map can be provided upon request. Parramatta train station is wheelchair accessible and is the closest train station to Parramatta Park. For further accessibility enquiries or to register for the viewing areas or golf cart service please contact Paul Nunnari, Manager, Event Access and Inclusion, Department of Premier and Cabinet, phone (02) 9228 5667 or 0477 318 481, email

YES! As always, you can just rock up and roll out your rug on the grass to enjoy a great day and night out! We are a community event and want everyone to have an experience that works for them.
Any seat is a great experience at Tropfest. We have the worlds best screens, sound and audio. We are dedicated to giving fans and filmmakers the best experience possible.

It is important to note that Parramatta Park will be a car-free zone for Tropfest 25. There will be limited City of Parramatta Council parking. There is only limited space so your best option is to jump on the train, ferry or bus. More information on ways to get to Tropfest main event will be available closer to the event.

As well as securing a great spot for Tropfest’s night of nights, you can turn up as late as possible. It’s easy, convenient & hassle-free. You can literally dodge the crowds as we celebrate our 25th anniversary! We are setting Pick Your Patch so that you are in a great location, with excellent views of the screens. Troppers will have access to exclusive bars and catering options at the event. You will also be able to pre-order a series of picnic hampers, buy a limited edition Trop 25 tee & grab your pineapple pin (these are limited edition so get in early).

This is also a great way to support Tropfest, a not-for-profit entity.

Tropfest main event tickets are available online at and if not sold out prior will be available on the day at the Ticket Box, located at the south end of Parramatta Park.
The south end, located in front of the corporate marquees and black carpet arrivals has a higher elevation and is closer to the big screens. There are less seats in this patch. The north end has a slightly lower elevation and is further from the screen. Both patches offer a great viewing experience and night out.
Yes, you can bring you 4 legged friend to Parramatta Park on Saturday 11th of February, but please be aware there will be lots of people.

Pick Your Patch - North Patch tickets are $39, South Patch tickets are $49 Troppers have the ability to Pick Your Patch (reserved seating) in one of 2- zones (north and south of the screens). You also have the option to pre-order picnic hampers (hamper, cheese platter and charcuterie), as well as the ability to purchase a limited edition 25-year celebratory tee and commemorative Tropfest pin.

NO TROPFEST IS STILL A FREE EVENT and Parramatta Park has the capacity for 70,000 Troppers to attend! There will be plenty of space, with a great backdrop for all people to come and enjoy Tropfest.
Pick Your Patch is a first-time ticket offering for Tropfest fans. It's specifically for people who want to turn up late or cannot get there early but are keen to reserve their seat. Yes, we are arranging for you to have your very own low lying beach chair for this years Trop. PS - The vast majority of space at Tropfest is still free.

Trop Jr is a competition for filmmakers 15 years and under.

The Trop Jr event is held on Friday 10th February in The Crescent, Parramatta Park, from 4pm.

Entries for Tropfest 25 closed on December 15. But please join us in February for our Festival.

Tropfest 25 will be held in Parramatta from 7th to 11th of February with a series of events throughout the city. Visit our Events page to learn about each of the events.

The festival will be held in Parramatta with events from 7th to 11th of February, for more information visitor our Events page to find out more.

The 2017 TSI for Tropfest is a PINEAPPLE; and for Trop Jr it is a Mask. Filmmakers were invited to represent the TSI in any way they liked.

The TSI for Tropfest have been:

2015/2016 – Card, 2014 – Mirror, December 2013 – Change, 2013 – Balloon, 2012 – Light Bulb, 2011 – Key, 2010 – Dice, 2009 – Spring, 2008 – 8, 2007 – Sneeze, 2006 – Bubble, 2005 – Umbrella, 2004 – Hook, 2003 – Rock, 2002 – Match, 2001 – Horn, 2000 – Bug, 1999 – Chopsticks, 1998 – Kiss, 1997 – Pickle, 1996 – Teaspoon, 1995 – Coffee Bean, 1994 – Muffin, 1993 – No TSI.

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