Lucy Gaffy's Top Ten Tips for Filmmakers lucy-gaffys-top-ten-tips-for-filmmakers

Lucy Gaffy is an award-winning filmmaker, and a graduate of the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

With a seven-year career in the industry writing and directing short films, documentaries, and feature-film projects, Lucy has a wealth of knowledge to share, and will be a tutor at The Six Week Film School, a new film course from AFTRS Open, which kicks off in January 2016.

Lucy recently shared her top ten tips for filmmakers with AFTRS, and we've republished her advice here (with permission of course). Well worth a read!

What are your 10 Top Tips for Filmmakers?

1. Find your tribe - surround yourself friends and fellow filmmakers who share your taste, vision and passion.

2. Get the best training you can - honour filmmaking as a craft and specialisation that requires development. 

3. If you're on time you're late - respect the half hour pre call

4. Wear comfortable shoes! 

5. Don't focus solely on the destination - try and take the time to enjoy the journey as well. The road to being a filmmaker in Australia is longer than you think, but more joyous than you can imagine.

6. Don't be afraid to be bold, audacious or present the new - that's your job.

7. Your first idea is not always your best idea - don't hold onto it too hard if it is failing to resonate with people.

8. Seek the council of those you admire whose taste align with yours - beware of phonies who talk rather than do. 

9. Always have the audience experience in the forefront of your mind - irrespective of what type of piece you are making (independent or commercial) how the audience is feeling is your primary concern. If you don't care about them, they won't care about you or the work you are putting forward.

10. Bring to the world what you love yourself - don't follow fads. By the time you get them financed that ship has sailed and you end up with a piece that isn't authentically you.

If you want to hear more from Lucy Gaffy check out The Six Week Film School.

AFTRS Open are also running a shorter filmmaking course The Three Week Film School this November. Take a look!