Meat and Potatoes by Ellenor Argyropoulos and Arielle Thomas

Arielle Thomas - Producer | Co-Director | Lead Actress

Arielle Thomas is an actress, director and producer, workingin the Australianfilm and television industry since shewas 16. Arielle graduated from theillustrious Atlantic Acting School, as part of New YorkUniversity in 2013. Excelling in theatre as an actress, she returned to Australia to co-found Patch Adams Productions with fellow actor Nicholas Denton. Since the pair have produced and acted in three award winning short films. Training with world class acting coaches such as Larry Moss and Susan Batson, Arielle accumulated roles in such shows as Deadline Gallipoli (Foxtel) playing Nonie. Stepping out on her own to simultaneously pursuit directing, Arielle founded her own female driven production company Thom in mid-2016. With fashion films, commercials and content under her belt, Meat and Potatoes is Arielle’s narrative directing debut! As a director she has recently been short listed for the ADG Commercials and Content Mentorship, she has created a television series currently in development with guidance from Screen Australia, and a short film in pre-production with a big company behind her but cannot say who! Arielle currently has two projects on the festival circuit, the narrative short Pillars (producer/actress) and Genade (director/producer), a fashion film for the well loved Australia label Bassike.

Ellenor Argyropoulos | Co-Director

From the age of 16 it became evident that Ellenor had a knack for storytelling with her friends often referring to her as “Filmenor”. Sometimes her brain moves too fast for her mouth and where most would stop and wait for their thoughts to catch up, Ellenor used her excitement & ideas as a creative channel which earnt her a place in Australia’s Prestigious Victorian College of The Arts Film & Television course at the age of 18.Since then, Ellenor has gone on to study under Vilmos Zigmond (ACE) at the Budapest Cinematography Masterclass as well as being selected to participate in the Filmmaker Institute at the Cannes Film Festival with the Creative Minds Group in 2015. Since her return, Ellenor has worked rigorously on tourism campaigns, music videos, fashion films and commercial content for international brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, Tourism Australia and Qantas. Returning to narrative, Ellenor has an exciting few months ahead penning a short film and a feature.

Side note: Ellenor and Arielle met at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015 in a fellowship program for promising individuals to network and experience the film industry at large. They’ve been working together ever since!