Trop Jr Finalists
Tadji Ulrich, Director

Outcasts Anonymous
7.00 mins | Australia
Writer and Director: Tadji Ulrich

One group of teens with strange abilities. One camera crew. One night. What could go wrong?

Mia Schirmer, Director

The Light
3.28 mins | Australia
Writer/Director/Producer: Mia Schirmer

The Light is a story of a young girls struggle in a world overpowered by social media and judgement. You truly need to experience the dark to be able to appreciate the light.

Ivan Farkas, Director

1.12 mins | Australia
Writer and Director: Ivan Farkas

What do you see when you hear the word Rainbow?

Charlie Butler, Director

Rainbow Chasers
6.45 mins | Australia
Writer/Director/Producer: Charlie Butler

A documentary about a family and their passion for chasing rainbows.

Piper Stapledon and Jade Jackson, Directors

Dear Melody
6.35 mins | Australia
Directors: Piper Stapledon and Jade Jackson | Writer: Piper Stapledon
Producer: Jade Jackson

A girl comes out to her friends and family.

Jayden McGinlay, Director

The Rainbow
6.47 mins | Australia
Director/Writer/Producer: Jayden McGinlay

A boy who has been in an accident and burnt one side of his face, dreams of becoming a professional pianist.

Austin Macfarlane, Director

The Sock Dimension
2.36 mins | Australia
Director and Writer: Austin Macfarlane

When Austin travels into the washing machine to retrieve his lucky sock, who knows what he’ll find?

Katerina Alexander, Director

Love Ella
6.53 mins | Australia
Writer/Director/Producer: Katerina Alexander

Death isn’t all sunshine, rainbows and clichés until Ada’s naïve demeanour and overbearing optimism converts even the most cynical of ghosts.

Jarrod Dearden, Director

Damaged or the Perpetual Loneliness of Being Lost in a Dream
6.50 mins | Australia
Directors: Mason Hubbard, Fraser Robertson and Jarrod Dearden | Writer and Producer: Jarrod Dearden

It seems the sands of time, they pay no mind to this struggling pantomime of mine, so I’ll roam alone til the end of time.

Luis Arnet, Director

Pick a Colour
6.58 mins | Australia
Writer/Director/Producer: Luis Arnet

Daniel Nailand, Director

Mr Wolf
5.50 mins | Australia
Writer/Director/Producer: Daniel Nailand

A story with almost a fairytale-like quality about a man who steals children from a town.

Annabelle Richens, Director

6.59 mins | Australia
Director: Annabelle Richens

A young girl dreams of her sexuality being accepted in the face of a homophobic religious community.

Larisa Jacono, Director

Death Day
5.28 mins | Australia
Writer/Director: Larisa Jacono

Death Day is a film about Belle, a young adolescent who contemplates taking her own life.

Jessica Nipperess, Director

6.56 mins | Australia
Writer/Director/Producer: Jessica Nipperess

A young girl’s pessimistic take on life is turned around after a recurring dream reveals her truth through a simple question. She discovers that sometimes the best things in life are the things we do for others.

Kate Falconer-Flint and Layla Farook, Directors

6.50 mins | Australia
Directors: Kate Falconer-Flint and Layla Farook | Writers: Georgie Bignell and Cassandra Onikul | Producers: Kate Falconer-Flint, Layla Farook, Georgie Bignell and Cassandra Onikul

Discontent with their lives at school, two girls walk in each other’s shoes for a day, only to realise they are better off being true to themselves.

Amelia Pieri and Melody Zhang, Directors

4.06 mins | Australia
Directors: Amelia Pieri and Melody Zhang | Producer: Amelia Pieri

A young boy collects negative words as he goes about his daily routine.

Matthew Simmons, Director

6.44 mins | Australia
Writer and Director: Matthew Simmons | Producer: Aryan Leekha

In a collapsed society the key to survival of humanity is known by seven robots, two remain.