Tropfest Finalists
Genevieve Gorman Deane

Mi Pais, Tu Pais (My Country, Your Country)
6 mins | United States of America
Writer and Director: Genevieve Gorman Deane | Producer: Geoffrey James

Mi Pais, Tu Pais (My Country, Your Country) explores aspects of today’s US Political Climate and the prejudices against the Latin American community within the United States.

Nikki Richardson

Cannot Predict Now
6.54 mins | Australia
Writer/Director/Producer: Nikki Richardson

Jess prepares to move out of her childhood bedroom as her little sister Emily prepares to move in.

Nick Ward

Boys Don’t Cry
5.00 mins | Australia
Writer and Director: Nick Ward | Producer: Justin McInnes

The collective experience surrounding teenage mental health.

Steve Potter & Byron Meers

Don’t Rain on My Parade
3.48 mins | Australia
Writers and Directors: Steve Potter, Byron Meers | Producers: Alexandra Payne, Byron Meers, Steve Potter, Alice Meers

A day in the life of a man who loves his job… a bit too much.

Nick Baker & Tristan Klein

Rock Bottom
7.00 mins | Australia
Directors and Producers: Nick Baker, Tristan Klein | Writers: Nick Baker, Tristan Klein, Luke Heggie, Cassie Workman

Welcome to Rock Bottom – a filthy underground bar full of filthy underground bugs.

Steve Baker

I’m Still Here
4.15 mins | Australia
Writer and Director: Steve Baker | Producers: Steve Baker and Leanne Tonkes

As nuclear war looms, a woman must make a final phone call.

Dean Ginsburg

The Life I’ve Seen
4.46 mins | Australia
Writer and Director: Dean Ginsburg | Producers: James Carr and Dean Ginsburg

Perth grandmother Shirley Affleck reflects on a life well-lived and the lessons learned along the way with her husband of 67 years.

Simon Fowler

Combination Fried Rice
7.00 mins | Australia
Director: Simon Fowler | Writers: Simon Fowler and Denny Handlin | Producers: Josh Sandford, Simon Fowler, Hugo Johnstone-Burt and Alex Mills

The government, an alien cover-up, and an online conspiracy enthusiast. A combination that could turn this delivery boy’s first food order, into his last meal.

Greta Nash

Two Piece
6.45 mins | Australia
Writer and Director: Greta Nash | Producers: Gillian Crosby and Gabrielle McLeod

Ava is on the way to the beach with her mum Kelly and her little brother Wally, but before they go she needs to find a new swimsuit. At the age of 13, this task is nowhere near as simple as it sounds.

Damian McLindon

The Last Time I Saw You
7.00 mins | Australia
Writer and Director: Damian McLindon | Producers: Damian McLindon, Cat Burnett, Emma Louise Pursey, Hayley Surgenor

A sixteen-year-old Muslim refugee confronts a trio of mean girls at school.

Izzy Stevens

7.00 mins | Australia
Writer/Director/Producer: Izzy Stevens

Phenomena is a psychological thriller about Emma, a young woman who begins to see a second version of herself.

Virginia Gay

Paper Cut
6.59 mins | Australia
Writer and Director: Virginia Gay | Producers: Nicolette Minster and Virginia Gay

Alone at night in a computer lab, a man is terrorized by a rogue printer.

Lucy Knox

Last Man Standing
4.57 mins | Australia
Directors: Lucy Knox and W.A.M. Bleakley | Producer: W.A.M. Bleakley

Australia’s last remaining motion picture film processor contemplates the impact his impending retirement will have on the future of film in Australia.

Jessica Phoebe Knox

7.00 mins | Australia
Writer, Director and Producer: Jessica Phoebe Knox

The daily regime of a 30 year old Syrian woman during Syria’s brutal civil war which knows no regime.

Will Green and Joel Phillips

3.02 mins | Australia
Writers, Directors and Producers: Will Green and Joel Phillips

A guy waits at the front door for his Valentine’s date.

John Cavallaro

Rash Decision
6.57 mins | Australia
Writer, Director and Producer: John Cavallaro | Producers: Belle Oliva, Thomas Ah Kuoi, Melissa Cavallaro

Adam arrives home after his honeymoon to discover that he has an unexplainable rash. Was it his wife Belle or is he guilty of a darker past?